Gaypasa BCN

At Gaypasa BCN we design and manufacture racks, trolleys/platforms and metal structures of various types (they can be painted, hot-dip galvanised, stainless steel…) for the automotive industry and other sectors, offering a wide range of solutions for all kinds of needs. The main types of products are:

Based on the numerical definition of the part or physical part supplied by the customer, our technical department creates a 3D design of the rack, complying with the initial requirements and the specific regulations of each customer.

We use a wide range of proposals for supports, supports for the parts, types of adjustable closures, such as:

Plastic bars / injected fingers, thermo-conformed trays, cradles, columns, powers, zinc-plated or plastisolated trays and/or supports, textile celldilleros, roller paths etc….

Depending on the logistical needs of the customer, we design rigid or folding racks, with different stacking or rotating systems.

In our manufacturing process we use manufacturing tools that guarantee the quality of the process.

All automatic racks, once the manufacturing and assembly are finished, are checked with calibration tools that are specifically designed for each model.